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Google Ads Extensions

& Display Ads

Getting the most out of your Google AdWords campaign will likely include other tools within your account like Extensions & possible Display Ads.

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Extension Usage

Location targeting, shopping tools, structured snippets, and more.

Display Network

Google’s Display Network can get your brand in front of users who may not have heard of you.

Advertising & Marketing

Using Google Ad Extensions

Google offers a wide variety of tools to help extend your ads past traditional search ads. These extensions can work hand in hand with your website, your Google My Business profile, and more to help reach users who you may otherwise miss.

Through ad extensions, you can make your Google Map pin larger and displayed first, you can track phone calls, and offer interior pages directly to users for specific needs/searches.

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Location Extensions

Within your ad campaign, you can set your Google My Business page as an extension to promote your physical location to nearby users.

Call Extensions

Google’s call extensions will let your business track phone calls generated from your ads to see leads that may be otherwise difficult to quantify.

Display Ads

Display advertising can reach a large number of users on websites they frequently visit without having to rely on a search query on Google.

Experienced Marketing Agency

Our marketing team at V3 Media Group can help your business generate leads and sales for your business through targeted ads & extensions.

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