The Robot Best Friend You Always Dreamt Of

By June 29, 2016Innovation, Tech

No matter what your age is, having a robot partner in crime seems like a dream come true. Through the years science fiction movies, like Star Wars and Wall-E, have teased us of the possibility of what could be. But now, that dream has become a reality thanks to a toymaker company called Anki.

Meet Cozmo. He is smaller than a coffee mug, has a body structure of a miniature bulldozer and two bright-blue pixilated eyes. Cozmo’s personality, or as co-founder Hanns Tappenier calls it an “emotion engine”, gives him a life-like presence. If you leave Cozmo alone too long he will become restless and start to nudge you. When he sleeps, he snores. When he loses in a game of Whack-A-Mole, he gets cranky. The list goes on.

Developers of at Anki partnered with Pixar in order to create a robot with artificial intelligence (AI) that had the ability of facial, spatial and emotional recognition. Put him on a table and he will go around to each person and remember their name and face. Even after he has gone to sleep, Cozmo will wake up and not only remember that person but any games they played and who won. While moving around, he is able to avoid stationary objects and stop right before coming to the edge of a table (and will look around with a nervous expression on his screen).

Another innovative characteristic with Cozmo is his ability to develop a more unique personality that is specific to a certain user the more you interact with him. Thus, the more games a user plays, new games and upgrades become available.

Every detail of Cozmo has been cleverly thought out. He has a battery life that lasts for 90 minutes and takes 6-8 minutes to charge. If he begins to grow tired, his eyes on the screen may begin to dim and will yawn to let you know his battery is running low. In order to wake him up, all the user has to do is go on their IOS or Android smart phone and use an app created by Anki.

Pre-ordering for the little robot has already begun at a whooping price of $159.99 and shipping is said to begin sometime in September and October.

You can pre-order Cozmo at