The Problem

Stone Martin Builders needed site that worked well with mobile devices based on the amount of traffic they were receiving from phones and tablets.

The Plan

Our plan was to develop a responsive website to showcase their featured homes, as well as give visitors information about their numerous developments throughout the state of Alabama.

The Result

Our developers built a functional, mobile-friendly website that delivers information in a clean and interactive way. SMB is able to give website visitors a great view of the featured homes before they even see them in person through customized virtual tours and videos.

The Details

The SMB site was developed with the understanding that we would be beginning an aggressive search engine optimization campaign once it was launched. We began the campaign in 2015 and since then have help increase their average website sessions by nearly 154 percent. The website continues to see consistent growth of traffic and impressions, as well as increased sales volume within the company itself. One of the most popular pages of the site is the Featured Plans section. This allows Stone Martin to display the plan layouts that their clients are most interested in, and give an interactive description of the homes they build without occupying the time of a salesman.

You can see the Stone Martin Builders website for yourself via the link on this page. The photography SMB was able to provide to us for the website design makes the entire page pop in a way that most competitors can’t. With the quality of the photography available to us, and the available integrations for 3D models for virtual tours, we were able to offer the user an engaging experience to see that kind of home he/she could be living in through a new home build from Stone Martin.