The Problem

SafeSpray needed an up-to-date branding campaign with modern styles and a responsive website, all cohesive under the same design that reflected the professionalism of their services.

The Plan

Using an icon-based design, we worked with print designers to build out a design template for future marketing materials to be implemented from across multiple mediums, sticking with clean, professional design elements.

The Result

We built a responsive website based on the clean, flat design elements we created for the overall rebranding campaign. Thin lines and strong contrast for call-to-action sections gives the design a business-professional look.

The Details

We’ve worked with Safespray for many years and have helped with other website development projects in the past. It’s always encouraging for us to see our clients be successful in what they do, and fun for us to see how we can come along side them and help whenever something is needed. They reached out to us wanting a cohesive rebranding campaign and asked us to come up with a design that would work well on a digital platform, as well as print media.

Our designers worked closely with the client to make sure we were moving in the right direction for specific color palettes, icon design, and call-to-action development, and we were able to deliver the look and feel they agreed would be effective for their brand. We spent a great deal of time developing custom responsive call-to-action on every page for each service.

Since SafeSpray works in the service industry, we wanted visitors to easily be able to find the information regarding the different services they provide. We developed a custom online quote form to allow potential customers to submit their information, and then have that information submitted to a sales representative. We also built in an integration with Google My Business reviews, so that we could allow customer reviews from their Google page to be displayed in a couple different areas on the site.

Giving the users a clear path forward for navigation and direction on the SafeSpray website has created a healthy user-flow on the website itself. Our Behavioral flow data shows that users that are actually captured and don’t bounce have a very high goal-conversion rate by making it to actionable pages like the request for quote page or the contact page.