The Orange Jumpsuit Guys


Orange Jumpsuit Guys

Web design to communicate a message and encourage donors.


About this Project

The Orange Jumpsuit Guys are a non-profit 501 (c)(3) that were founded in 2007. The OJGs give out free food to any visitor that wants to come by on the college campuses that they cater to. What they needed, was a website that helped educate their publics to what they were trying to accomplish, as well as give donors an easier, simpler way to donate than mailing a check.

Our Approach

In order to give the Orange Jumpsuit Guys what they needed, we decided to take them to a more modern style than standard web design by creating a responsive website that included a full page slider to show the OJGs in action. The website automatically resizes according to the screen resolution of the user, making it easy to user their website, even when on the road. We also integrated the OJG website with a PayPal integration gateway that gives users the ability to donate to the OJGs without having to mail in a check.

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