The Problem

Opelika Power Services needed a way to promote their fiber tv, phone, and internet services to the people of Opelika, advertising their prices, services, and brand.

The Plan

We strategized with OPS, and a number of other local businesses and organizations to come up with the OPS ONE brand, providing a name for the fiber services, separating them from the existing power customers. Our plan was to promote that brand using Search Engine Optimization, social media marketing, and engaging web development & design.

The Result

As a result of the web development, as well as the SEO campaign, OPS is (as of Dec. 2017) the top 1, 2, and 3 results for any search query using the keywords, in any order "fiber, internet, & Opelika." OPS is also the top search result for "internet in Opelika," and many others. Their social accounts have over doubled in likes and consistently receives strong post engagement.

The Details

We were asked to help OPS develop a branding campaign for their fiber optic network services, separating their existing power brand from the new telecom services. Opelika Power Services is such a recognized Opelika household name, and is primarily and understandably known for providing power to the city. However, OPS needed a simple to understand brand for the new fiber services that was able to reach both residential and business customers: OPS ONE.

OPS ONEĀ  is multi-faceted acronym for One Network Experience. The ideas stemmed from the main selling points of the services: the best available internet, tv, and phone (not selling their service, but there’s physically no other ISP in Opelika that can compete with the 10 Gig business connection OPS can provide), saying that they are the “top” and about community. The moniker ONE began as a name for their top residential package that included the Gig internet to a home: The ONE, and we took the name and ran with it, focusing on bringing a community together as one, and the quality of services being “number 1.”

Once we had the brand in place, we began an SEO campaign and an aggressive social media targeting plan to begin getting the OPS ONE name out in the public. Since the campaign began, over 25,000 people on social media are reached each month, as well as an increase in follows/page likes by over 150%.

On the website’s SEO campaign, we’ve seen an increase to more than 2,800 unique sessions per month. We’ve seen steady SEO growth for OPS ONE’s brand name, and are continuing to increase the community’s awareness of the fiber optic services that are offered through OPS.