Nuttin Bafflin


Horizontal Parallax feature

To see the full effect, visit Nuttin Bafflin and move your mouse. The horizontal parallax follows your mouse as you move across the image, giving an impressive 3D effect.


Anguila at Sunset

About this Project

Nuttin Bafflin is an indie-film about competitive sailing in Anguila of the British West Indies. Our goal was to capture the beauty of the essence of the film in the website itself. Anguila is a beautiful place, full of rich, vibrant scenery to compliment the culture. While the crew of Nuttin Bafflin was filming, they snapped some pictures to document their trip, and then gave them to us for the website.

Our Approach

To accomplish our goal, we thought it best to give creative motion to the images that were provided to us. We took the pictures, and in Adobe Photoshop, sliced them up to remove certain features that we wanted. Then, using a horizontal parallax, coded the images onto separate z-indexes of the main image, and told the image slice to move based on the relative position of the mouse. Thus, we were able to show the sailboats sailing across the beautiful blue waters.

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See the Film

The film itself can be purchased or downloaded for free at Nuttin Bafflin’s website. View the trailer below.

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