The Problem

Lifesavers Ministries needed a website that would be engaging for children, but still effective for parents and volunteers. A mobile-responsive design was a must for a fresh redesign, and the butterfly branding on their school buses for Saturday-Sunday school needed to be integrated to the website.

The Plan

Creating a video-background of computer generated butterflies against the white background keep the website clean but offers an engaging way to introduce the butterfly branding that Lifesaver has been using.

The Result

The bright and bold colors against the mostly white website gives the project a kid-friendly feel, and by using the video background for the main slider, user-engagement is very high for interacting with the slider elements.

The Details

We’ve been working with Lifesavers Ministries for many years now. They’ve got a lot of different irons in the fire, with their outreach and community service programs evolved and changing over time. As their neighborhoods they work in change, they offer different opportunities. Their main staple, however, is their Saturday-Sunday school. Lifesavers goes into their neighborhoods and picks up children on their school buses on Saturday mornings, and takes them to their building where they play games, do a bible study, and more.

James Anderegg wanted to make sure that the website offered information for parents to be understand and be informed, but also reach children with fun colors and motion. If a student saw the buses and saw the butterflies, we wanted to make sure that they could recognize the website with the design on the website emulating their physical designs.

We always enjoy making the digital world fun and exciting for children. Something as simple as a transparent video makes a website stand out so much in a static and content heavy world. If a single child has reacted positively to the bright blue, yellow, green and red colors, or to seeing butterflies fly across their screen, then we have done our job.

While this website might not be the most technically-advanced in terms of API integrations and functional calls across different platforms, the simplicity of the design works with the market we were trying to reach. It’s this goal that sets this project on a different level in our minds.