The Problem

Legendary Gear USA is a new waterfowl call provider and needed a website to display their products and share their brand with customers in the duck hunting community.

The Plan

Our goal was to design a website with a clean, easy to navigate product display that immediately drew visitors to the calls. For the design, Legendary Gear USA wanted a dark theme accented by a bright green to keep the adventurous, sporty feel true to their brand.

The Result

Legendary Gear USA's new website features robust product display elements and a featured product carousel on their homepage to immediately direct visitors to their calls and gear. We included a large Instagram feed element and newsletter signups for waterfowl hunters to easily connect with them via social media.

The Details

Legendary Gear USA had no online presence but needed a convenient website to sell their product nationwide while lacking a brick and mortar store. We recognized they would need a strong call to action and adequate reviews displayed to encourage visitors to purchase their online product.

Our developers designed an easy to navigate design with bold call to actions that immediately pull the eye to their products. The dark design contrasted well with their waterfowl calls and was accented by a bright green. Another key element to this site was allowing visitors to hear the calls in action before purchasing. With this new site, Legendary Gear USA can easily reach customers in their target market and provide customers with a pleasant shopping experience.