Legendary Gear USA

E-commerce Web Design

Developing an e-commerce website requires an understanding of user engagement and user experience. Unlike lead generation websites, make a store for a business that sells products directly to the consumer has a much more direct experience for sales and conversions.

Ease of Use

One of the most common aspects of appropriate e-commerce website design is to make the flow of find a particular product, and purchasing said product as direct and simple as possible. By showcasing particular product categories above the fold of the design, we are able to drive the user experience to products quickly and effectively.

Marketing Tools

Marketing to a user after a purchase for repeat conversions and additional sales is a must-have for an effective e-commerce store. By using email newsletter integrations and reward systems, we are able to make sure that every Legendary Gear customer can easily purchase a product again.

Ecommerce Development Process

Research and analysis.

The outdoor industry appeals to a very narrow demographic of the country, and has a particular style associated with it. In order to make sure that an e-commerce design was effective in this space, we wanted to make sure our design was aesthetically comparable to the most successful brands available while still maintaining a unique design.


Developing  product flow within the site.

With the products from Legendary Gear being primarily centered around the way the game calls sound, we knew the flow had to center around the call audio and any videos associated with each product. The more often a user listens to an audio file associated with a product, the more likely they are to make a purchase.


Implementing  brand new brand details.

Legendary Gear was a brand new brand when we developed this website, meaning that every design element, every product, was uniquely created from scratch for LG. In order to have a cohesive design implemented, we needed to make sure that any design elements from the product packaging, calls themselves, or other branding elements were routinely used throughout the website.