The Problem

Hydrogreen Erosion Control needed a fully responsive site in order to show their extensive projects to potential clients.

The Plan

V3 proposed an image heavy site which adequately showcased design elements that make the projects stand out.

The Result

Hydrogreen's site was built responsively and looks crisp and clean on mobile while not sacrificing superior picture quality.

The Details

Hydrogreen Erosion Control provides erosion control solutions for challenging environments through soil stabilization. They work in many different industries with many clients in every sector.

Being able to showcase a number of portfolios in an elegant manner without losing quality in size was an issue for Hydrogreen. Knowing that many of their clients use their smartphones for browsing while on the move, Hydrogreen needed good-looking pictures in a responsive format. After intitial design suggestions from V3, the site started in production.

V3 was able to turn the dream of Hydrogreen into a reality. The site features a large portfolio showcase for each of their projects. The portfolio section is able to be sorted into categories by industry to allow potential clients to easily view Hydrogreen’s work. Laid out in a way to maximize picture size on any screen, the portfolio section worked perfectly for their needs.

Additionally, interior pages contain plenty of interactive and aesthetic affects. Varying hover options throughout modernize and add elegance to otherwise bland columns. The hover box reveal on the “Industries” page is exceptionally well done and makes for a great way to showcase industries/services one at a time with attention grabbing effects.