Greater Birmingham Humane Society


Online donor management

The bulk of this project is behind the scenes with the donor management system used to online donations and managing donor information. But the front of the website looks pretty good too.


Custom Horizontal Timeline

For the GBHS history, we built a horizontal timeline that is fully responsive that gives an more interesting user-interface that a simple table with dates.


Custom Google Map Integration

Google map embed with customized location icon from the GBHS logo. Not too difficult to code, but looks pretty cool.

About this Project

The Greater Birmingham Humane Society is a nonprofit organization to help and sustain the pet population in responsible and care-giving ways. This includes pet surrendering, adoption, spay and neutering, and many other services that help maintain the quality of life for the animals. GBHS has all kinds of animals for adoption including the classic cats and dogs, but also lizards, rabbits, guinea pigs and more.

Our Approach

GBHS needed a new, fresh design, but most importantly, they needed a website that they could manage and control for the future. We recommended using a Content Management System to solve that specific need, and then sought different ways to make the UI more enjoyable. Specifically for the online donations and for the History timeline. We consolidated the many different forms being used for different methods of donations into one form, and created a responsive horizontal timeline for all of their historical information.

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