The Problem

Emma Jane Designs needed a user friendly storefront and a way for her online employee force to make commissions off referrals from online customers.

The Plan

V3 was able to create a sleek & chic store for Emma Jane to sell it's exclusive, handmade jewelry and a function backend for employees to track their referrals.

The Result

Emma Jane Design's new and re-envisioned site has increased sales through both its ease of use and its ability to encourage employees to make online sales.

The Details

Emma Jane Designs had been operating using a simple online store and a marketplace built out through Shopify. Emma Jane, the owner, designer, and creator for EJD, was getting swamped trying to manage all of her sales representatives and track their individual sales, commissions, and referrals. Business started booming for EJD and Emma Jane needed a solution to simplify her small business struggles.

V3 Media Group met with Emma Jane and laid out a plan to help keep her company on track. By implementing a new backend structure to the site and streamlining the frontend, V3 proposed that it could solve EJD’s current dilemma.

V3 made some significant changes to the functionality of the site, but tried to maintain the vision of design that Emma Jane had in mind for the site. What resulted is a breathtaking combination of simplicity and style: a website designed to appeal to the market-goers visiting and streamlined enough to make their shopping experience as easy as possible.

In addition, V3 worked out the backend to make sure that associates were getting their commissions on referral sales. A system was established so that Emma Jane Designs Brand Representatives could receive a percentage of sales when customers placed an order through them. To facilitate this in an online environment, V3 built out checkout features to allow customers to identify which salesperson encouraged their order.