The Problem

Our initial consultations with the Beasley Allen Law Firm revealed the need for a quickly-loading website that was both secure and lightweight. After working with their current site, their team felt that they wanted to fix a variety of functional restrictions while also updating the design itself.

The Plan

Using the WordPress Gutenberg page builder, which is known for being both extremely lightweight and flexible, our plan was to use as few external resources as possible to help keep the website from becoming bulky, while leveraging a CDN for media files.

The Result

Beasley Allen's new website has a fast load time with easy navigation and a mobile-friendly design. The build features a custom AJAX staff sorting function and page function to search their large staff across multiple locations with multiple job types. Our team designed every landing page to be optimized for conversions. Beasley Allen's live chat system is integrated into the website in addition to custom forms with different UTM routing software to sort inbound leads into multiple mailing lists within Beasley Allen's CRM.

The Details

Working with a firm as prestigious and world-renowned as the Beasley Allen Law Firm came with a variety of challenges that we were excited to take one. It’s not often that we get to work hand-in-hand with branding, marketing, and development experts that we think are, at the very least, as talented and motivated as we think we are. Not only were they individually masters of their own crafts, but the team at Beasley Allen was both engaging to work with, and offered great direction in the design development process.

Per their requests, we wanted to stay away from bulkier page-builders like WPBakery, the Beaver Builder, and the like. As a lightweight solution WordPress’ own Gutenberg platform allows us to utilize much of the page building tools within WordPress’ own CMS. Over the years, we’ve found that using page builders for our clients makes their lives significantly easier to manage the sites after the development process is complete, even though replicating PHP templates may be faster for a development shop like ourselves.

Once we knew the development direction we wanted, the rest came down to specific functions like Google Maps API integrations, the custom staff sorting functions, integrating the live chat, and a few other pieces to bring the site together. Using above-the-fld background videos for the main pages on the website, we were able to offer a significantly more modern level of design to the well-established law firm.