The Problem

Auburn Network had multiple sites related to their different radio stations and publications. They wanted to consolidate hosting options and give a cohesive style to their websites.

The Plan

We planned on developing a website template that we could easily replicate across the different sites the AU Network has. The primary user engagement with the sites is to "Listen Live," so we wanted to showcase that function on each applicable website.

The Result

The Auburn network came out with a cohesive style with improved user engagement across the board, especially for mobile devices as the new responsive designs made the website's function much more enjoyable for mobile users.

The Details

We were given the opportunity to work with Auburn Network to help create a consistent look and site experience across their multiple sites. Each of the radio stations have a live feed, some have events, others have custom posts, which we made the feature of each site. We also created a calendar feed that could be shared across their multiple sites, but be managed from a parent site. The goal was to improve the user interaction on the website, while decreasing bounce rate.

The Auburn Network need the ability to manage and promote different advertisements. We created an advertisement management portal where they can build out different ads and have them run on the site, as well as track the analytic data of the ads, which will help form more educated advertisement decisions in the future.