The Problem

AG Realty was a new land sales company that needed a digital presence. They were starting from scratch online and needed both direction and development for a quality web presence.

The Plan

The plan was to develop a clean, responsive website for them to display their available land properties with a Google Map/KML file integration that worked on both phones and desktops.

The Result

Our website designers and developers built out a modern, mobile-friendly website with the ability for their agents to manage and maintain their land properties, as well as letting users interact with hand drawn maps of the available properties.

The Details

We were glad to have the opportunity to work with Ag Realty on launching their new website. Our goal was to create a responsive, mobile-ready site where administrators could manage the property listings on their own, without having to come back to use for assistance unless he/she wanted it. With fast-moving pace of land sales and acquisition, it was important for administrators to have the ability to upload property details, including plots of property lines with details made in the field.

By introducing maps with a KML layer, AG Realty Alabama was able to show users of their site exactly where a plot of land was located. This realtime map enables the user to see where they are in proportion to a land plot and wander the land to identify its borders.

In addition, the maps are fully responsive, allowing users to see the land on the fly. The map is integrated into the rest of the site so that it can be displayed on a larger map on the homepage. From there, a user can sort the properties by category, price, and location. All in all, the AG Realty Alabama site provides an immersive land sale experience with advanced, intuitive mapping.