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By October 16, 2017Outside the Circle

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Walker Law Firm

“I went to college and earned degrees in Finance and Law.  I thought I knew about business (and I do), except for the Internet.  Specifically, search engine optimization and what it takes to drive people to your site without having to just spend money on advertisements.  Not just drive them to your site but capture their business without even having the chance to talk to them.”

– Hal Walker.

A few years ago, a friend in the Web/SEO business took the time to mentor me on the in’s and out’s of websites and SEO.  It was like an awakening, just like when Neo from The Matrix takes the pill.  This new awakening created a desire in me to seek a greater understanding as to how to grow my business through a well made website and good SEO.

The journey itself is still ongoing but I am glad to share just a few powerful bits of information that has already increased my business which of course means more revenue.

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Walker Law Firm are attorneys for family law, civil law, traffic tickets and litigation.

The first thing that I want to share about is your website.  This alone could be talked about until the end of time so I try to pear it down to just a few items.  First of all you need good bones.  I think that using a system such as is available through WordPress is a great way to start.  Much of the design aspects can come through templates that are free or available for purchase.

Once those good bones are in place you need content.  Content is KING!  Your content must contain keywords that relate to your type of business.  Sometimes a single keyword is helpful and sometimes you can use phrases containing your keywords.  You may see this referred to online as “long-tail” key words.  The last subject for your site is the content must be fresh.  Gone at the days where you could write content for a website and post it and walk away.

Google, the king of the WEB uses algorithms (long word for very technical stuff) to crawl sites and determine how to rank them on a search.  These algorithms have the ability to crawl your site and if it is stale, Google may just think your business has closed.  That is why you need new and unique content.  This new and unique content can be posted to your site as blogs.  Make sure it is unique though, Google can tell if you have been using cut and paste.  My first website years ago contained quite a bit of content written by others, I had no idea this was not alright.  But its not so don’t do it.

And don’t forget to post some of your awesome content to your Social Media sites such as Face Book, LinkedIn, and Twitter.  If you are posting good content, folks will read it and maybe even click over and check out your site.  I am still learning and I still have so far to go.  Fortunately a good friend pointed me in the right direction.  My website now ranks very well in the market where our business is located and by the key words that drives our business.  Also, make sure to get your business on Google My Business and take advantage of all types of free listings available in your area.

Good luck, don’t get discouraged, changes in how your site is viewed by Google and others takes time.  Consider it a marathon, not a sprint.

– Hal Walker

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