Meet Our Interns

Each semester V3 brings in a few interns to help with the day-to-day operations. Our interns range from Public Relations to Graphic Design. If you’re interested in joining our team as an intern, please visit our application page to submit your resume.

Will Roberts


Will is a current Auburn University student majoring in Marketing and will receive a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Will has extensive experience in the development and customization of graphic design, editing still and moving images, and has managed and collaborated with countless creative groups.

His technical experience highlights his innovative and original outlook by helping traditional companies project a refined and professionalized image of their company. Will’s professional and technical experience are flawlessly matched with his personal and managerial skills necessary for communicating his creative direction for others.

Luke Houser


Luke graduated from Auburn University with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and a minor in Leadership. Luke specializes in visual content and creative direction through the technical aspects of videography and photography.

His background includes social media marketing, mass media communication, and directing short films. Luke provides a fresh and unique perspective to problem solving and alternative solutions, projecting a creative outlook through the lens. His hobbies include scuba diving, solo skydiving, and riding almost every variation of board sports.