Keep Your Website Up & Running

Hosting provides your website with the power to stay online. Every website has a hosting provider, and every website will have either an annual or monthly cost to that hosting environment.

Website Hosting

Our basic hosting packages includes us as your main point of contact for your website. Whenever your website is taken live, your host is the point of contact for security, site down issues, and other performance metrics. It is always to your benefit to have us host websites that we’ve built as we will already have a thorough understanding of the way it was created, and can quickly troubleshoot and fix most issues.

Premium Hosting

For some projects that are routinely updated or how orders/submissions regularly being processed online, it’s incredibly important to have the highest level of service and support that our premium hosting offers. This includes any time we might have in (what would otherwise be billable) work to update your website framework, plugins, themes, etc., and making sure that your website has routine backups and security measures in place for the worst case scenario.

Maintenance Hosting

We are routinely asked for packages that include certain levels of website maintenance that would normally be outside of a hosting agreement to include items like text/image changes, product updates, and more. We offer maintenance hosting options that cover any updates your website would need, letting you delegate your web work directly to us without having to worry about billable time or tracking hours.