Why You Need a Personal Website

A common misconception about a website is that it is beneficial only to large corporations or businesses attempting to sell products over the internet. However, the internet’s increasing popularity and outreach has created a new need for websites: websites are used to promote individuals and not just businesses. Think of this as an individual’s personal brand.

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The Art of Typography

They say words have the power to inspire, empower and transform the creative mind. What if I were to tell you that it wasn’t the words that was creating the inspiration in you, but instead it was created through the art of typography. The art form of typography can be traced back to ancient times with the creation of letter spacing and design to invoke emotion with those who come in contact with…

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Google Chrome Extensions may enhance browser experience

Installing Google Chrome’s available extensions may be the key to accessing the best Chrome experience possible. According to a recent article by, utilizing Google Chrome’s extensions may optimize users’ browser experience. Google Chrome explains the extensions as “extra features and functionality” that are easily added to your browser. Chrome users can choose to add features that are customary to their liking. Google Chromes lets their users know the advantages to…

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Why your company needs a website

Many companies in America have been in business for decades and using technology to advance your business is a relative new process. It has been a hard leap for some companies to advantage of today’s technological advances. Having an online website can benefit your company tremendously. Websites can lend credibility and authority towards your business. Having a website for a small business can put your business in play with bigger…

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