Brand Yourself on Social Media

Companies of all sizes have begun to use social media as a way to establish their brand. Whether they showcase their company’s achievements through factual information or their company’s sense of humor through witty humor, social media provides a platform to create their image. Large companies have not been the only ones to take advantage of this branding platform- numerous individuals have discovered the importance of social media for the branding…

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The Entertainment of Blogging

They say blogging is for the extension of information to a wide public that ranges from factual information to emotionally driven information. Blogging can take the form of formal and informal vernacular and diction throughout the entire article. Is it the diversity of blogs that has increased their popularity or is it something more? Blogs have become more and more popular over the past few years thanks to the ability…

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Seven Tips For A Better Infographic

Ever looked at a infographic and wished that you could produce one for your sight that had the same quality and effect on the readers as the one you saw? Well follow these ten tips on the best way to make your infographic have the most appeal. 1) Have a clear design to your infographic. This includes a cohesive color palette, simple graphics and a structured hierarchy of information. 2)…

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How To Utilize Google Analytics

We are frequently asked by our clients on how to interpret and understand why Google Analytics is beneficial to their website. The long answer to this question would include numerous details about custom reports, analytics API access, mobile traffic, flow visualization and much more. The short answer to this question is that Google Analytics will make your life easier when trying to collect data from your own website. The main appeal…

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