Can you solve the newest viral puzzle?

Just like the infamous Dress picture that left people arguing black and blue or white and gold, we present to you, ladies and gentlemen, the newest picture that has left people scratching their heads. The Rug. Although, the picture is less of an optical illusion as it is a puzzle. Somewhere in the picture is an iPhone. And no, the answer is not the person taking the picture. If you’re not fully awake this morning or need an excuse to stop working, have a go. But be fair warned, it won’t be an easy endeavor.

Blue Rug

The picture was posted by Philippines-based Jaye May Cruz to Facebook on July 2 and has since been shared 18,000 times. If you’re having trouble and need a hint, like the majority of us did, look above the tables right leg in the blue stripe. Happy hunting!


If you still are unable to find the iPhone, here is an article by Cosmopolitan that shows where the phone is.