Gotta Catch Em All

By August 1, 2016Gaming, Lifestyle

Pokemon GOGotta catch em all. These four words have stirred a crazed obsession in people who have downloaded the IOS and Android app Pokémon Go. The game was released in early July by Niantic and has caught the attention of people from all demographics.

The app brings the real world to virtual reality by using GPS location services to encourage players to travel and get out of their normal environment. Just like in the beloved television show, the concept of the game is to catch Pokémon and battle them with other users. After downloading the app, the user gets to create an avatar choosing different skin, eye and hair color. From there, the world is yours with 142 current available Pokémon to catch. Along the way your character is also able to catch mystery Pokémon eggs. In order for the eggs to hatch, the user must walk 2 km, 5 km or 10 km depending on the egg.

Run out of Poke balls? Go to the nearest Pokéstop and get more.

Are you stuck somewhere and feel left out that you must halt your Pokémon catching? Drop incense and let them come to you!

Pokémon Go has created such a buzz that people have created large gatherings and “search parties” centered on catching these virtual monsters. Recently, several dating services apps have been created (PokeMatch and PokeDates) that work to pair Pokémon lovers together.

In addition, as of July 21 Nick Johnson was the first person in North America to catch all 142 Pokémon. He claims in an article with Refinery29 that the process only took him two weeks and he didn’t decrease the workload at his current job. He also claims to have lost 8-10 pounds in the process.

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